Consulting Services

                                  Silicone Solutions offers customized solutions to your problems.Our silicone consulting services range from long term assignments relaying an entire technology, to one day visits to address a single aspect of product quality.

                                  • To date, assignments have included: in-house seminars, process troubleshooting, custom silicone product design and development, product quality assessments, establishing test methods, processing enhancements, equipment design, designing marketing plans, and confirming correct customer applications.

                                  • Assignments have been accepted in the consumer, automotive, industrial, electronic, medical device and health care market areas.

                                  • Silicone Solutions has a professional staff and serves a wide customer base including small, medium and Dow Jones 500 firms. The customer list includes Boeing Aircraft, General Electric, Purolator, Armstrong, Johnson & Johnson, and Firestone.

                                  • We typically utilize a client defined custom compensation plan to suit any firms budgetary or corporate style or needs. Hourly, daily, retainer and project basis payment programs are accepted.

                                  • Custom developed formulations are sole property of the client with full confidentiality and property rights transferred.

                                  • On technology transfers, hand-outs fully detailing covered information are always provided with visits.

                                  • Full confidentiality and proprietary technology controls are in place, and fully adhered to by Silicone Solutions staff.

                                  • We do not offer silicone consulting services for competing firms.

                                  • We cover all meals and incidental expenses

                                  • We prefer if you send a map to your site, recommend a local hotel, and for clarity after we have agreed on a fee, send a purchase order outlining the fee and expenses covered.

                                  • We have three fully equipped product development labs. We have been successful creating thixotropic and self-leveling sealants and adhesives, thermally conductive products, electrically conductive adhesives, coatings, high temperature stable products, high consistency rubbers, greases, compounds, RT, UV and heat cured chemistries.

                                  • Overall, consultants use their knowledge and experience to create value for the client. Put Silicone Solutions to work for you!

                                  Consulting Services

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